Milestone’s mission is to provide aircraft financing solutions to high-quality operators globally that want to preserve their capital, reduce their risk and improve cash flow. A Milestone aircraft leasing relationship is not about a single deal; it is about forming a true long-term partnership. We support you by offering 100% financing around the globe.


NEW – We offer operating leases on new helicopter deliveries. You choose the right aircraft for the mission, determine the configuration and negotiate the purchase contract. We take assignment of your contract and assume your progress payments, allowing you to prudently manage your cash during the resource intensive aircraft start-up phase.

PRE-OWNED – We finance pre-owned helicopters and even can provide assistance in locating the best aircraft on the market to suit your needs.

SALE-LEASEBACK – We purchase your helicopter at fair market value and seamlessly lease it back for the period remaining on its underlying contract. We provide you with working capital and remove all residual risk while you continue to profitably serve your customers.

DELIVERY POSITIONS – We have secured long-term delivery positions for the most highly desirable assets. This allows you to bid on tenders with near-term start dates without having to commit significant capital or take speculative risk on the aircraft.

LEASE FACILITY – We structure multi-asset lease facilities that offer you the flexibility to acquire the right asset at the right time.

CONTINGENT FINANCING – We provide helicopter financing commitments that allow you to bid on tenders knowing you have the financing if you are successful without having to tie up capital.


OIL & GAS – Oil and gas exploration and production are expanding rapidly and require large capital investments by helicopter operators to facilitate growth. Milestone’s helicopter leasing options enable operators to remain responsive to opportunity and market demand.

AIR MEDICAL SERVICE – Milestone provides hospital administrators and third-party operators the ability to expand their fleet and client reach.

GOVERNMENT – We work with national and local governments as well as private companies operating on government contracts to support their helicopter leasing needs.


  • Construction
  • Environment
  • Firefighting
  • Forestry
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military training
  • Mining
  • Paramilitary
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Utility Work
  • Wind farm