Sébastien Moulin
Head of Europe & Americas
Sébastien is responsible for leading a global team of professionals to deliver for our customers and achieve growth targets, portfolio placements, budgets and customer service resolution, with a primary geographic focus on customers in Europe and the Americas regions. As Head of Europe & Americas, he is also responsible for the Airbus Helicopters and Leonardo OEM relationships and will lead the discussions and negotiations to ensure the execution of Milestone’s portfolio strategy.
Sébastien has been in the Helicopter Sales industry for 15 years. He started his career in South of France with Airbus Helicopters and moved quickly to Airbus Helicopters South East Asia where he was responsible for Helicopter Sales in the civilian markets of Philippines and Indonesia. He then joined Bell Helicopter as Regional Sales Manager in Europe where he successfully introduced the B429 into the Western European market with major breakthrough in France/Switzerland/UK. Sebastien holds a Master Degree in International Business from the Kedge Business school in France.