Milestone offers a full array of solutions that help you preserve capital, grow your fleet, increase efficiency, improve cash flow and reduce risk. Our customer relationships are not about a single deal, it is about forming a true long-term partnership. We strive to help our clients become more successful and competitive than they are today. We have the long-term view that defines our clients’ success as our own.


  • Select a Solution
    • Financial Solutions
    • Advisory Solutions
    • Productivity Solutions

Financial Solutions

Offering a wide selection of leasing, debt and financial offerings, we create long-term partnerships with our customers to meet current and future needs.

Operating Leases

Our operating lease transactions have individually tailored terms and provide:

  • 100% financing to help preserve your working capital
  • Fleet flexibility, allowing you to better manage utilization throughout business cycles
  • Lease payments aligned to contracts, eliminating cash flow concerns
  • Zero residual value or asset disposal risk (ownership is retained by Milestone during and after the lease term)
Purchase Leasebacks

We can buy your helicopter and seamlessly lease it back for the period remaining on its underlying contract. As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Use equity from your aircraft for other business needs
  • Eliminate residual value risk
  • Increase fleet flexibility and utilization
Progressive Payment Financing

Manufacturers often require pre-delivery payments (PDPs), which can drain working capital. To avoid the burden of PDPs, customers can access new helicopter deliveries through Milestone’s order book, or we can take assignment of an order and enter into a lease, allowing the customer to:

  • Gain or maintain access to the desired aircraft
  • Release equity from previous PDPs
  • Eliminate future PDPs
Aircraft Servicing

Milestone can provide helicopter portfolio services including marketing and legal support, technical services, billings and collections.

Advisory Solutions

We work with our customers to understand end-user demands and match the appropriate helicopter to meet mission requirements.


  • Tailored fleet solutions based on user need, operational and legislative requirements, and environmental conditions
  • Tender advisory with zero-risk bidding of assets on new contracts
  • Non-biased, objective aircraft benchmarking, detailed cost per seat mile and other relevant metrics
  • Fleet renewal programs that reduce risk associated with new type introductions

Productivity Solutions

With our scale and expertise in asset management, we can help customers improve operating efficiencies through various service offerings.


  • Provide preferred engine and airframe maintenance programs benefiting from Milestone’s scale
  • Facilitate tech reps onsite to ease entry into service
  • Stage parts inventory on ground at customer location
  • Allocate additional training slots to increase operational efficiency
  • Lease spare engines as needed